It is mainly one of the first materials used by humans and is believed to have appeared around a few years ago. Leather is the product of the tanning and processing of animal hides.

The structure of most skin is as follows: the epidermis, the upper part of the skin is rich in keratin, which is removed during depilation and peeling.

Genuine leather will be the leather itself. It is separated from the epidermis by the transparent layer in which the hairs take root. It is better known under the name of flower to guarantee the quality of the leather; subcutaneous tissue, loose and sparse fibers are not retained after tanning.

The name split leather is sometimes disguised as "real", which is not leather legally, and is usually coated with polyurethane to recreate artificial flowers. The price is cheap, the quality is poor and it is exclusively for low end products. Floral trimmed leather (or trimmed leather) has been polished by flowers and is usually covered with polyurethane or other man-made materials.

However, their quality is better because they are denser and have lighter corrections. However, it allows a perfect and uniform rendering without pitting or obvious flaws. Finally, the most expensive full-grain leather has all the qualities of waterproofing, flexibility and durability, especially thanks to this transparent layer.

In addition, they will leave all traces of animal life, be it scars, skin diseases, bites, wrinkles, etc. For this reason, only about 20% of the quality of the skin is sufficient to be full grain. They are mainly aimed at large houses and large luxury groups, with more and more tanneries in France and Italy.

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